zaterdag, april 28, 2012

trendreport: round sunglasses


Summer is coming, and that means we all need some new sunglasses.
Try a round one for this season and create the perfect festival or retro look.

Love, Amy.

maandag, april 23, 2012

Monday wish.


This little cookie Bayswater satchel is way too cute!
An always matching color, an amazing cookie cutter trim on the leather and an adorable size.
I wish I could get my hands on this one, but it is far out of my budget.
You maybe already noticed, but the small shoulder and cross body bags are back!

from now on I will post a wish every monday!


love, Amy.

zondag, april 22, 2012


 dress: Acne
shoes: Guess
clutch: Zara
jewelry: Swarovski, Tiffany & Co. 

Hire some pictures from last friday night, prom night!
I've had a great evening and now the only thing I have to do is pass my exams, wish me luck!

better outfit pictures will maybe follow, my mom is not such a good photographer!


love, Amy.

zaterdag, april 21, 2012

all on the jeans 2

Wich color? Doesn't matter! One rule: choose the color that makes you feel like summer.
how to wear: combine the jeans with a top in the same shade for the ice cream look.

Animal prints, metallic coatings, the stars and stripes or some together? everything is possible!
How to wear: white tee, black leather biker jacket!

The second part of all on the jeans.

I hope you all like it!

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Love, Amy.

vrijdag, april 20, 2012

all on the jeans

You should have noticed, dyeing is back. Dip-dyeing, tie-dyeing and any other way. Not only on your jeans, on everything. even on your bikini (see Isabel Marant).
how to wear? pastel colors will always work on a light jeans.

Flowers, in every way you can imagine. Jeans like those make me feel it's summer already!
How to wear? keep it simple, a white blouse or a tee with a blazer will do enough.

Two jeans trends will follow soon.
it has been a long long long long time ago since my last blogpost. After a very busy time at school, it's time for bloging again.

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love, Amy.