maandag, februari 13, 2012


1. Ice skating on the Amsterdam canals.
2. Tenue de Nimes bag and my new jeans.
3. My high waisted Acne jeans.

Saturday I went to amsterdam to do some shopping.
The weather was great, the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold. I really like shopping in de negen straatjes and the jordaan, here you find the most beautiful shops and cutest restaurants.
I'm off to Austria next week, so I definitely needed a new pair of jeans. for the first time I went to Tenue de Nimes (Elandsgracht 60 Amsterdam), the best denim shop I've seen until now. I thought it was time for something different in my wardrobe, and choose a high(!) waisted Acne jeans. Outfit pictures with this new jeans will follow soon.

Love, Amy.

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